ice cream

katchi ice cream art


We are so proud to be scooping the creamiest, dreamiest ice cream in Berlin! Katchi has been churning out the good stuff since 2018. In her production kitchen and ice cream cafe in Charlottenburg, Conny and her team make over 40 different flavors including many vegan options and of course, our signature cookies and cream! 

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 16.15_edited.jpg

The flavors on offer in our cafe are always changing, so here is just a taste of what you may see!
(photos courtesy of katchi)

pomegranate rosemary sorbet (v)

mozart (pistachio-nougat-marzipan) (v)

blueberry yogurt meringe

tonka bean

sticky coco (v)

salted caramel

mint chocolate chip

hazelnut praline

tonka + raspberry sorbet

chocolate sorbet (v)

peanut butter + chocolate covered pretzels (v)

sesame brittle

pecan whisky cookie crunch (v)

banana peanut brownie crunch (v)

peach rose sorbet (v)

gin 'n tonic (v)

cherry chocolate chunk


raspberry sorbet (v)

belgian dark chocolate

burnt almond orange (seasonal)

ruby chocolate

white coffee swirl

coconut lime sorbet (v)

lemon cucumber sorbet (v)

bailey's butterscotch


blood orange sorbet (v)

strawberry sorbet (v)

bourbon vanilla