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is for


vibes and
big city

this cookie business is ready for it's next owner...

how big are your dreams?

for sale


established revenue streams:
cafe traffic
event space bookings
online shop
wolt, lieferando, uber eats and platforms
caterings and wholesale deliveries

other highlights:

uniquely located on berlin wall reminants with direct access to the historic berlin wall path and tourists
six years of uninterupted business, despite global pandemic

established b2c and b2b customer bases
wonderful landlord and property management company with attractive rental price
a long transition phase with current owner possible, to ensure immediate and long-term success

most importantly:
incredible room for growth in german and european markets


cookies and cream has seen more growth in 2022 than any year since. The hard work of the building years and fighting through the pandemic is finally paying off. And still, I'm selling...

While I do sometimes question if it really is the best decision, I do also always come back to the same answer: yes. Since becomming a mom in 2021, I am no longer able to put in the energy and focus this business requires and my customers deserve. It is my hope that someone else will see the opportunity of this concept in this space and give it what it needs to continue to grow.

Until then, it's just me and my one fabulous employee, Rachel. We are doing what we can within our limitations and working hard to still offer our main products to you in the cafe and online. I am so thankful for your understanding because I know, things seem a little weird right now. :)

Why I'm Selling

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