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is still for


the cafe has been sold, but there is still so much potential for someone to use a strong concept to jumpstart their own dreams into a reality.

interested? send an email!

for sale


established revenue streams:
online shop
wolt, lieferando and uber eats platforms
caterings and deliveries

other highlights:
nine years of uninterupted business, despite global pandemic

established customer bases

social media channels, including outstanding google reviews


cookies and cream will no longer reside in Kremmener Str. 8 and soon, a new concept will be taking root. When I say "it's been sold," I mean that the future tennants paid for the physical assets of the space so that they can come in and do their thing. While I would've loved so much for someone to continue offering the same great products and continue what I started, I am confident that this new concept will be very well received by the neighborhood!

Some details of the purchase have yet to be finalized, so I will be posting more information on Instagram as soon as I can!

This is also not the end for the cookies!! Exciting plans are in the works for the continued production of these fabulous cookies! So stay tuned -- all of this good news will be made public as soon as it's official!

The Cafe Has Been Sold!

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