A collage of different ice cream flavors and ice cream based desserts served in our Berlin cafe

Intensely creamy ice creams, sorbets absolutely bursting with flavor and a serious emphasis on local ingredients.
You can actually taste how much heart goes into making this product! 

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich with two soft, fresh cookies and creamy ice cream

The DIY Ice Cream Sandwich
Choose any two soft, fresh cookies and one creamy, refreshing flavor of ice cream. Imagine the possibilities!

Locally made, creamy ice cream served in cone from our Berlin cafe

In a Cup or in a Cone
For the purists out there. Enjoy your scoop...or two or three...just how you want!

Cold Brew-Float
Add a creamy scoop if ice cream to our extra-caffinated cold brew...it will literally make your day!


Refreshing sorbet in a homemade lemonade. This drink will get you through the summer!

We have a variety of different ice cream flavors that change daily including a few vegan options


We very proudly serve delicious ice cream by our friends Katchi in Berlin