We very proudly serve delicious ice cream from Katchi in Berlin-Charlottenburg. 


Intensely creamy ice creams, sorbets absolutely bursting with flavor and a serious emphasis on local ingredients.

You can actually taste how much heart goes into making this product! 


The DIY Ice Cream Sandwich


Choose any two soft, fresh cookies and one creamy, refreshing flavor of ice cream. Imagine the possibilities!


In a Cup or in a Cone


For the purists out there. Enjoy your scoop...or two or three...just how you want!

Cold Brew-Float


Add a creamy scoop if ice cream to our extra-caffinated cold brew...it will literally make your day!




Refreshing sorbet in a homemade lemonade. This drink will get you through the summer!


Espresso-Based Drinks


We proudly pull organic and fair trade "Espresso Supremo" from the Berliner Kaffeerösterei. Taste the difference of small-batch roasting! 


Nitro Cold Brew Coffee


Cold. Strong. Creamy. Perfect. Experience this delightful and unique way to drink cold coffee.

Homemade Lemonade


Fresh-squeezed citrus, homemade syrups, sparkling water, done. Available in Classic, Rosemary, Lavender or Ginger.  

Spiced Hot Chocolate


We had trouble finding one that was rich, creamy and intense enough...so we made our own! Made with organic Blömboom cocoa.

Schlürf Tea


Berlin-based Schlürf (German for "sip" or "slurp") blends high-quality, organic leaves from around the world to make an incredibly enjoyable cup of tea.  


Homemade Masala Chai


Whole spices, black tea, cane sugar and oat milk -- that's it! It's a neighborhood favorite.